T2 250 Watt Powered subwoofer KEF



  • Cena brez DDV: 613,93€
  • Blagovna znamka: KEF
  • Koda izdelka: T2 KEF

Razpoložljive možnosti

KEF T2 subwoofer nizkega profila (T-2 Slimline Subwoofer, 250W Powered) ima naslednje tehnične karakteristike:

Subwoofer KEF T2 je globokotonski zvočnik v elegantnem, tankem, zaprtem ohišju. Subwoofer T2 zaokroži 3D zvočno sliko ter doda težo nizkotonskemu odzivu. Zvočnik je zasnovan tako, da se zlahka zlije z vašim prostorom.

Naj vas majhnost in nevsiljiva oblika subwooferja T2 ne zavedeta. Ta subwoofer je prava zver! Zaradi  250W Class-D amp in z največjo močjo 110db, boste šokirani nad uspešnostjo tega tankega zvočnika.

Subwoofer KEF T2 prinaša hitre, enakomerno porazdeljene in nepopisno natančne base.

Strokoven servis vseh vrst zvočnikov ter avdio in video komponent nudimo že več kot 30 let. Smo servis za KEF zvočnike, pri nas vam zvočnike popravimo hitro in zanesljivo.

The best of home theatre
With a flat screen TV, you want speakers to match. Really flat. More importantly, you also want to fill the room with high definition 3D sound that’s every bit as involving as what’s on screen.

Ultra-slim bass driver
Clean, forceful response that brings the action vividly to life.
Instead of a cone, the radical twin-layer bass and midrange unit has a flat diaphragm whose rigidity throughout the frequency range is maintained by very fine stiffening ribs, with the driver as a whole acting as a stressed member to help eliminate any unwanted resonance from the slim cabinet. The resulting response is as clean, accurate and distortion-free as a quality conventional speaker, with none of the bulk.
In addition to minimising the height of the magnets, we placed the entire suspension outside the magnet system so that it adds nothing to its height. Whether you opt for the standard satellite and centre speakers or the larger models with additional bass/midrange drivers, the result is an exceptionally shallow unit that allows the enclosure to have the same installed depth as current flat screen TVs without compromising acoustic integrity in the slightest. Lush yet well controlled, it's the kind of performance that brings soundtrack effects to life with a real sense of drama.

Large vented tweeter
A warm, natural sound that’s so real you’ll feel like you’re there.
The generous size of the sophisticated 25mm (1in.) vented tweeter specially developed for the T Series allows exceptionally accurate reproduction, especially of the human voice. And silken, effortlessly pure high notes. The clarity is outstanding, even played loud.
KEF's unique 'Tangerine' waveguide helps to disperse the sound image evenly throughout the room. The combined effect is remarkable: you find yourself immersed in a dense three-dimensional sound picture that completely engages you with what's happening on screen.

Total excellence
The perfect balance: engineering integrity with design flair.
Everything about the T Series has been designed from first principles to achieve a sleek, unobtrusive look that matches the styling of modern TVs while still maintaining the high standard of audio fidelity KEF is famous for.

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