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  • Cena brez DDV: 392,62€

Cambridge Audio Minx X301 - subwoofer (Cambridge Audio Minx X301 300W Subwoofer) ima naslednje tehnične karakteristike:

  • Drive units: 1 x 8" passive radiator, 1 x 8" subwoofer.
  • Power Output: 300 W.
  • Frequency Response: 31Hz (-6dB) – 200Hz.
  • Crossover: Active - variable 50Hz-200Hz.
  • Mere za subwoofer Cambridge Audio Minx X301: 311 x 266 x 278 mm (Š x V x G).
  • Teža subwooferja minx X301: 7,5 kg.
  • Subwoofer Cambridge Audio Minx X301 je dobavljiv v naslednjih barvah: črna, bela.
  • Smo pooblaščen servis za zvočnike Cambridge Audio.
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V osrčju zvoka subwooferja Minx X301 je tehnologija BMR oz. Balanced Mode Radiator, ki omogoča, da samo en majhen zvočnik predvaja visoke tone, srednje tone in bas.

Delivering even more punch and deeper bass response, the Minx X301 not only features a 300W digital amplifier, but larger drivers too. Yet despite its technical prowess, it may come as a surprise that the X300 is still far smaller than a typical subwoofer at a mere 28cm square!

At only 28cm square this 300W powerhouse is smaller than most typical subwoofers. But with an 8” active woofer matched to an auxiliary bass radiator it will erupt your music and movies to life with immersive punch and power.

Our software engineers have designed a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to provide real-time control of equalisation and dynamic range processing for the maximum possible performance while preventing drivers overloading or distorting. This allows the Minx subwoofers to handle more power and play louder than ever!

Pistonic speaker driver
A normal speaker works like a piston - back and forth. Sure has the ability to sound great, but requires separate woofer / tweeter to cover mid-bass / high frequencies properly. (Not ideal when space is limited.)

Flat panel speakers
A flat panel driver design uses vibrational modes to create sound across a smaller surface area but this design suffers from limited frequency range. It simply can't deliver the bass notes you need for true musical pleasure.

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