SX 70 sredinski zvočnik Cambridge Audio



  • Cena brez DDV: 154,92€

Cambridge Audio SX 70 - sredinski zvočnik (SX-70 Entry level centre speaker) ima naslednje tehnične karakteristike:

  • Drivers: 2 x 100 mm woofers, 1 x 25 mm silk dome tweeter.
  • Sensitivity: 85 dB.
  • Frequency response: 65Hz – 20kHz.
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm.
  • Recommended amplifier power: 10 – 100 Watts.
  • Mere za Cambridge Audio SX-70 sredinski zvočnik: 138 x 360 x 246 mm (V x Š x G).
  • Teža sredinskega zvočnika SX 70: 4 kg.
  • Sredinski zvočnik Cambridge Audio SX-70 je dobavljiv v naslednjih barvah: črna.
  • Datoteki za prenos:
    opis sredinskega zvočnika Cambridge Audio SX-70
    navodila za montažo.
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Sredinski zvočniki Cambridge Audio SX 70 je center zvočnik, ki oblikovno dopolnjuje zvočnike SX serije. Optimizirani nizkotonski magnetni sistemi zagotavljajo globoke, živahne nizke tone. Visokotonec s svileno kupolo združuje izpopolnjeno predstavitev z visoko stopnjo podrobnosti. Blažilnik pene za membrano visokotonca zmanjša odseve in ustvari široko, lahkotno zvočno kuliso. Dva 100 mm obdelana papirna stožca zagotavljata gladek in enakomeren frekvenčni odziv. Natančno optimizirani križanci za najbolj nevtralen, fazni linearni odziv. Togo ohišje iz MDF po modelu CAD zmanjša stoječe valove in zmanjša vibracije na minimum.

All the decisions we make whilst designing our products are made to make your music and movies sound amazing. The SX70 uses highly optimised woofer magnet systems to deliver controlled bass and high efficiency. We use a specifically treated paper cone to provide a smooth and even frequency response. And our silk dome tweeter delivers perfect accuracy and detail to ensure you hear every beat and every line of your music and movies exactly as they were intended.

The SX70 uses an optimised crossover for the most neutral, smooth and phase linear response, giving you a natural and immersive sound stage. The SX70 matches perfectly with the rest of the SX range both acoustically and aesthetically to bring you a home cinema experience with a powerful and detailed dialogue.

Great speakers begin with the cabinet. SX Series speakers use cabinets that make extensive use of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) to fully understand where they need to be braced and strengthened. Why? So that every millimetre of movement from the drivers is directed towards the listener as sound and not wasted as cabinet vibration.

SX Series speakers all make use of mid bass drivers that are made from treated paper. This might not sound terribly high tech, but the impressive strength to weight ratio is matched by excellent tonality so instrumentation sounds clear, well defined and believable. Taking care of the higher frequencies is a soft dome tweeter made from treated silk that offers the same balance of realism and refinement.

Great care and attention has gone into the design of the crossovers in SX Series. As they are entirely responsible for ensuring that each driver receives the correct frequency, we have worked hard to deliver this requirement as efficiently as possible. Timing and stereo imaging are accurate because the phase remains completely linear from top to bottom.

SX Series speakers all feature clean, understated looks that allow them to sit in a variety of spaces and work in all of them. Whether you want a discrete pair of bookshelf speakers or a compromise-free 7.1 AV system for home cinema use, the SX series has the options to suit in a style that enthuses.

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