HDMI kabel QED Profile eFlex HDMI



  • Cena brez DDV: 22,91€
  • Blagovna znamka: QED
  • Koda izdelka: Profile serija

Razpoložljive možnosti

Cena velja za HDMI kabel QED Profile eFlex HDMI - 1m.

HDMI kabel QED Profile eFlex HDMI je dobavljiv v naslednjih dolžinah:

  • 1,0 m
  • 1,5 m
  • 2,0 m
  • 3,0 m

Fleksibilen HDMI kabel s podporo za Full HD, 3D, 4K in 'Deep Colour'.

Prednosti kabla:

  • Kabel dosega zahteve najnovejše HDMI specifikacije in nudi podporo za Full HD, 3D, 4K in 'Deep Colour'.
  • Kompaktna zasnova omogoča enostaven priklop tudi pri zaslonih, ki so nameščeni na steno.
  • Fleksibilen 'e-Flex' ovoj.
  • Izjemno nizek 'jitter'.

Tehnične specifikacije:

  • Bakreni vodniki z nizko vsebnostjo kisika (99,999 %).
  • 3D kompatibilnost.
  • Podpora ločljivosti 4K x 2K.
  • Full HD 1080p60.
  • HDMI Ethernet in ARC ('Audio Return Channel').

The QED Profile eFlex HDMI 
QED is the only UK manufacturer able to test HDMI cable designs beyond the scope of the current HDMI specification, which means it is uniquely placed to evaluate new technical innovations before deciding whether or not to introduce them into full production. QED has identified cable induced timing error, termed 'jitter', as one of the key differentiators between satisfactory and outstanding cables. Because QED customers demand better, we have scientifically designed our cables to reduce jitter to the absolute minimum.

The new Profile eFlex™ HDMI uses a new PVC variant dubbed 'Ultra Matte' which takes advantage of recent advances in plasticizer technology to produce our most flexible HDMI jacket material yet. With an all new miniature plug body design, the minimum clearance required for this cable is now a tiny 40 mm which means it can be completely hidden behind any wall mounted or free standing display.

The QED Profile HDMI Cable has been designed to connect and transfer digital video and digital audio signals between Blu-ray™ Player, DVD Player, HD Digital TV Box or HD Games Console to the following components: AV Amplifier, Plasma or LCD TV or Projector.

  • High definition 1.4, 3D TV compatible cable
  • Unrivalled ultra-compact performance
  • Micro-moulded easy grip connectors
  • Ultra-flexible 99.999% oxygen-free copper conductors
  • Shielded for enhanced signal protection
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect
  • 1080p Full HD

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